I am pleased to report that Calypso has performed most satisfactorily; proving her design concept to be above all expectations. The deck layout in particular is perfect to operate as a day charter. The unique conceptual design and large coachroof provide comfort and shelter for all her passengers.

After successfully completing sea trials and licensing inspections, Calypso set sail for her 3,000 nautical mile voyage to the Seychelles. As most sailors know, this is not the best time to attempt such a voyage with the South African coasts up the Mozambique Channel being unforgiving with strong head winds both offshore and onshore. Calypso proved her design is more than able to meet the challenge of such weather conditions. Once in the Mozambique Channel the weather conditions were more favourable and Calypso was able to prove her abilities under sail. She completed her voyage from Richards Bay to Madagascar in 7 days and from Nossi-Be Madagascar to her final destination in Mahe, Seychelles in 14 days where she then joined the charter fleet of Angel Fish Ltd as a day charter licensed to carry 40 passengers and 2 crew members.

The modern concept design has proved a great success as a day charter vessel in the Seychelles placing Calypso in the top end of the day charter market. Before placing an order with Scape Yachts I spent time visiting numerous other boat builders both in South Africa and overseas. It became apparent that there was nobody else dedicated to the building of a Day Charter Catamaran.
Since the boat has been operating successfully in the Seychelles, we had numerous visitors asking where they can purchase such a vessel. I am more than pleased to recommend Allan Knight and his team at Scape Yachts.

In closing I would like to sincerely thank Scape Yachts. Any potential buyers traveling to the Seychelles are more than welcome to view Calypso at Angel Fish Marina where she is based.

Dr. JOHN HUISH, Owner of “Calypso” Scape 39 Day Charter – Operating in Seychelles

I have been in the charter industry for many years. When I was granted an additional license to operate a charter business from the V & A Waterfront, I needed a charter boat that could carry 40 people in comfort and safety, and I needed to keep my guests warm and dry from the South Easter. I chose the Scape 39 which met all my requirements. In addition I found the total package very cost effective. It has been extremely busy doing 4-5 trips a day, 7 days a week, affording me very quick returns on my investment. The Scape 39 has been hassle-free from the start with very little maintenance. I recommend anyone looking for a Day Charter boat to contact Scape Yachts; It is priced right and of excellent quality, making for a great return on investment.

ESA YACOOB, Owner of “Fujicat” Scape 39 Day Charter – Operating in Cape Town

Greg is a frequent Champion of both the Lipton Cup and SA National FINN competitions and had this to say about his Scape 39 Open Deck Cabriolet, “Set-Sea” “It has been the most enjoyable and exciting boat I have ever sailed! The performance of the Scape 39 is superb; in fact I have reached 29 knots. It is easily sailed and very exciting!! I can also sail it single-handedly – which is important when I am entertaining friends. I would recommend this as a great boat for any keen sailor; you will not regret buying the Scape 39’

GREG DAVIS, Cape Town, South Africa